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In 2018, as a thank you gift for our corporate clients, Butterfly Bakeshop Partner and Cake Artist, Orlando León, hand-crafted a small batch of brownies. Baked from a recipe he developed many years ago, he decided to make them even more interesting and delicious by adding spirits such as malty Bourbon, tangy Grand Marnier and rich Kahlua, creating the original Boozy Brownies.  

Our client's reaction was overwhelming. Everyone loved the Boozy treats and wanted to know how to order them for family, friends and business associates. Small Batch Brownies by Butterfly Bakeshop was born.   

Now, these unique, fudgy Brownies are available to everyone in both Boozy and Classic flavors.  Small Batch Brownies are perfect for gifts, wedding favors, corporate events, celebrations or just as a personal indulgence.  The Brownies can be personalized by adding custom labels with a logo, message or picture.   

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